Windows 8 Much Missed Start Menu – Alternatives (Classic Shell)


As we might never see start menu again – Microsoft no longer implements start menu in latest windows 8 system –  some were forced to get used to the new tablet-oriented Metro UI (which is very hard for some to use, many users didn’t even know how to shut down their desktop computer properly with windows 8 newly designed UI), some others are wondering if there is a way to bring start menu back.

We’ve found some cool stuffs that can be used as replacements of traditional windows start menu.

Here is the one  that we currently install to every pre-built computer to make it more like a traditional (XP, VISTA, 7) windows system – Classic Shell

Classic Shell is an open-source freeware which means it can be downloaded and used free. Looks familiar now? It comes with skins that you can use to get the familiar windows 7/vista/xp or windows 2k/98 start menu ported to your windows 8 system. Very good program that makes everything combined flawlessly as a start menu replacement. Installation and configuration are simple. You’re definitely going to love it if you are a start menu lover.

We’ve also found some other replacements of windows start menus, all of them are awesome. However some of them are paid software. If you are interested, just click on the following links and have a look, see if there are any you could use:

Stardock’s Start8 – Windows 8 style Start Menu – 30-day free trail

IOBit StartMenu8 – Looks exactly like Windows 7’s Start Menu

Pokki – a bit different than the traditional MS start menu design but you can categorise your apps and settings


12 thoughts on “Windows 8 Much Missed Start Menu – Alternatives (Classic Shell)

  1. Intotheabyss says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but why did Microsoft design Windows 8 in a way that makes it so user unfriendly to non tablet users? Couldn’t they have made two versions? The Classic Sheel freeware looks great, but I am still puzzled about this whole thing.

  2. Heartland says:

    I am more than happy to read this blog post. I will be buying a new computer soon and was dreading having to deal with Windows 8. Good to know someone is there to save us oldies from having to learn too many new things!

  3. betsyblue says:

    The tablet is the way forward though guys. There is no halting progression. I am happy to use a shell though, as an alternative, and these look useful.

    • Heartland says:

      Maybe I should just go straight for a tablet instead of buying another PC? I have never used one and have no idea if you can do as much on one compared to a regular computer

      • Jacks says:

        I like tablets but they were designed for people on the move, so will never be able to do as much as regular computers. Having said that, with things like cloud storage you can work on documents much more easily than before.

  4. Juniper says:

    I think it’s atrociously arrogant of Microsoft to design an OS like this which is so radically different from anything people have grown familiar with. Thank goodness there are ways to get around it!

    • Swift says:

      I can appreciate you have strong feelings about it but think of it another way. Microsoft have to stay ahead of the competition, and what better way than to develop something so unique?

  5. Jacks says:

    It would be wise to utilise this alternative shell as a prop to help you transition to using W8 in it’s original form. One day such options may not be available.

  6. Juniper says:

    I just don’t see it as “staying ahead of the competition” I’m afraid. I see it as a directive such as, you WILL do it this way. After all, what alternatives are there?

    • Swift says:

      Yes, I see what you mean, and it does kind of look like that. I suppose the way I see it is that if they offer new concepts in various opt out versions people will never get used to it. It’s good that there are back ups like the one outlined here, right?

  7. Juniper says:

    Oh, absolutely! If it wasn’t for applications like this, there would be a whole section of society who wouldn’t have a clue what to do, my elderly mother, for one!

  8. betsyblue says:

    I’ve said it before, you have to keep up with technological advancement and accept that this is the way forward. You cannot live in the past, and things move very quickly in the world of technology. Thank goodness there are apps like this for those who find it difficult.

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